Engagement means better work environment, suitable work, good relationship , better career development opportunity, transparency, alignment of his/ her work. A2ZFame is a professional web application development company,offering a wide assortment of web-based services. Our array of services includes website development, website designing, CMS, iPhone development, eCommerce solution development and HTML5 development with an option of customization.The first and perhaps most important part of employee engagement is job-person fit. As we design jobs to be meaningful, we must also carefully select the right person for each job.we weekly conduct meeting for employee to know there problems,innovative ideas and also about their work.we motivate the employee to succeed.
we also conduct many event time to time for employee to fell them relax mind. we also conduct birthday party of employee. we also take feed back time to time from employee about their work.

We motivate and support employees in learning and developing their skills. Not only will you have a motivated and well-prepared workforce but you’ll see an increase in employee happiness and employee engagement. A2ZFame follow four basic steps for engagement strategies First step is listening employee problem. Second step is understand employee problems. Third one is solve the employee problem .Fourth one is guide employee to improve their skills and also motivate them . so the employee can do their work effectively.

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