Positivity Characteristics

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You can speak openly and freely about your team. Team members can count on each other and are reliable. We should tell the truth even if it´s uncomfortable.


The team members are empowered to contribute their best. There are a mutual respect and real concern. Characteristics such as contempt and hostility are not accepted.


Empathy, good humour and playfulness are appreciated. There is a strong sense of belonging to the team. The team members celebrate and recognise accomplishments.


Clear and efficient communication is appreciated. What is not valued are less direct approaches such as gossiping, stonewalling or politicising.

Constructive Interaction

Conflict can arise as a mean of opportunity for discovery, creativity and growth. The team should avoid defensiveness, criticising and finger pointing. A team should give and receive feedback on timely manners.

Values Diversity

The team is open-minded and appreciates differences in ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, personalities and approaches. Diversity is crucial.


The team shares an inspiring vision. The team members are enthusiastic and appreciative of each other. There is a strong spirit of fighting together for the goal.

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