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A2Z Fame is a leading website development and web designing company, offering a wide assortment of web-based services. Our array of services includes website development, website designing, CMS, iPhone development, eCommerce solution development and HTML5 development with an option of customization.

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We work on Multilingual Tools plugin .WPML help theme to test their products’ multilingual capabilities.



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February 15, 2015
A2Zfame team has successfully cultivated a nurturing work culture that emphasizes amusement with daily tasks and responsibilities and also offers energizing, rewarding and challenging opportunities.Every employee at A2Zfame is special and so when you work with us, here’s what you can look forward to: Great Work Environment A2Zfame has a cheerful, warm and friendly work environment with a lot of professional freedom and encouragement for creativity and innovation. We ensure that we listen to our employees and value their ideas, opinions or suggestions and take pride in realizing their potential. Team Spirit Everyone here works together to achieve a common goal in creating better change for our clients. But we also respect each other’s individuality as this is what that adds value to the team. Passion, Creativity, Innovation Our teams don’t just read up on the latest technology trends, they create and influence them too. They’re also usually some of the first ones to play around with cutting-edge technology that leads to great ideas. You will be at the forefront of changing and shaping the market. Benefits & Growth Opportunities We offer a world of opportunities and do our best to make your time with us a rewarding learning experience. We facilitate adequate training and development programs and ensure that good performance is always recognized and commensurately rewarded.

Positivity Characteristics

April 21, 2014
Trust You can speak openly and freely about your team. Team members can count on each other and are reliable. We should tell the truth even if it´s uncomfortable. Respect The team members are empowered to contribute their best. There are a mutual respect and real concern. Characteristics such as contempt and hostility are not accepted. Camaraderie Empathy, good humour and playfulness are appreciated. There is a strong sense of belonging to the team. The team members celebrate and recognise accomplishments. Communication Clear and efficient communication is appreciated. What is not valued are less direct approaches such as gossiping, stonewalling or politicising. Constructive Interaction Conflict can arise as a mean of opportunity for discovery, creativity and growth. The team should avoid defensiveness, criticising and finger pointing. A team should give and receive feedback on timely manners. Values Diversity The team is open-minded and appreciates differences in ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, personalities and approaches. Diversity is crucial. Optimism The team shares an inspiring vision. The team members are enthusiastic and appreciative of each other. There is a strong spirit of fighting together for the goal.

Team Work

March 12, 2014
Teamwork is an activity that many people try to avoid in the workplace, but why are we so against it? I’m here to tell you that there are a number of benefits of working in teams for both you personally and for your organisation. Not only is it a great opportunity for professional development, it is also a means of making your work easier. Read below to learn why teamwork is important in the workplace, and the benefits it can have for you. Increased efficiency When working in a team, you are working towards a common goal or set of objectives. The whole process of your work becomes more efficient, for example if there is a problem faced along the way there are more ‘hands on deck’ to help solve the issue. Similarly, having multiple team members on board allows you to get the work done faster with shared responsibilities. From a management perspective, encouraging teamwork in the workplace will allow your company or department to take on additional work, and in turn generate extra revenue without having to hire more staff. Idea generation One of the greatest benefits of working in a team is the inspiration and ideas that can result from team discussions. When running ideas by one and other, there is a lot more scope for creativity in comparison to working on a project alone. In an effective team environment, staff members feel confident in suggesting their ideas. When working autonomously and having a direct responsibility for ideas, people tend to present the safer option to their managers. However, when in a team brainstorming environment the notion of suggesting creative and unique ideas is welcomed. Teams also bring people together from different backgrounds and levels of experience which can help in creating optimal solutions. A learning experience As mentioned above, teamwork is important in the workplace as it brings people together from different backgrounds and levels of experience. Consequently, projects which involve teamwork serve also as an opportunity for professional development and learning. This may be conscious learning during a meeting, or learning which occurs without you even realising whilst listing to others. It is quite possible that you can learn from someone else’s knowledge which allows your own skills and capabilities to grow. Billie Nordmeyer adds that ‘Individual team members serve as educational resources to other employees in a team environment’. It is also important to note that as employees become more knowledgeable, their confidence increases. This can help improve their attitude as well as increase their job satisfaction which is a win-win situation for employers. Enhanced communication Communication is key to the success of many projects – so why not engage in an activity that can help enhance your communication skills? Teamwork activities such as meeting together to discuss ideas or collaborating information to contribute to a project require both verbal and written communication skills. Working regularly in this capacity will allow you develop both your own skills as well as those who are in